Ninja Scout Arrow of Light Ceremony
(use exciting Asian music from a martial arts film)

Cubmaster: (Call out each AoL recipient name) - you have been called before the Pack because you have satisfied the requirements for Cub Scouting's highest rank: The Ninja Arrow of Light.

Like a true scout, a Ninja in training will go thru many challenges.

*First a ninja starts with the proper Ninja attire.

*Meditation and Focus:   With scout blindfolded, a parent comes tickles his face with a feather while he tries not to laugh

*Ninja Master puts on WHITE belt

The first belt a Ninja receives is White.  This color is to remind you of the lessons you learned as a Cub Scout.  The problem with white is that it stands out at night time and makes a Ninja less stealthy.  Stealthiness is the secret to a Ninjas effectiveness.  The element of surprise.  To learn how to be stealthy we are going to put our candidate thru the red laser of death obstacle course (and if he is still here after we will move on to the next challenge.)

*Red Laser of Death obstacle course
Chairs and tables are set up with an isle in between, and red yarn is zig-zagged across to form a web-style obstacle course. Scout must maneuver through without getting any limbs cut off.


Well done young ninja!  You have proved yourself worthy of advancing your rank to that of a Blue Belt Ninja.

*Ninja master changes belt to BLUE

Blue represents the spirit of Cub Scouting : the spirit of giving goodwill and doing your best. Do you promise to fulfill the Cub Scout Promise and the Cub Scout motto, Do Your Best, when you receive the Arrow of Light badge?

*Next a Ninja must have proper nourishment (Scout must eat 10 marshmallows with chop stick, and try to catch a fly on a string)

The next thing a Ninja needs to know is how to defend himself.

*Fight Training (if possible, invite a sinsai from a local martial arts studios to  come lead this part. They can use it as a recruitement tool, and it makes it very authentic)
Ninja Master:

Ninja Master…. Have the candidates proved themselves worthy of advancing to the next level?

*Ninja Master changes belt to YELLOW

The third belt of color, yellow, stands for the Arrow of Light.  The arrows shaft is straight and narrow : just as is the path that you Scouts should follow throughout your life. Its tip points the way : the way to success in all that you do. It is pointing to the right : a symbol that nothing should be left undone; if it is within your power to do it, see that it is done. And lastly, this is the symbol of the seven rays of the sun, one for each day of the week; this is to remind you that every day is a new day : a day to Do Your Best in everything:

A day to honor your God and Country,
to do your Good Turn,
a new chance to follow the Scout Law
and to remember these words: On My Honor

*Candidates:  Do you promise to let its light shine forth from you, to set an example for others to follow in your footsteps, to set your eye on the Eagle Scout award and never waiver?

We are now ready to move into the final stage of a Ninjas training…. WEAPONS!
(if you have a Sinsai there, he may bring older students to do a weapons demonstration, which is REALLT COOL for the boys)
Otherwise, bring any weapons you can (padded nunchucks, wood swords, everything safe!)
*Ninja Master instructs on the basic use of NUN CHUCKS and BOW STAFF.

*Ninja Master has candidate recite the  BLOCK, KICK AND PUNCH skills learned and has candidate break a board.

***Ninja Master and assistant do a demo on knife attack, board breaking punching kicking and anything else that seems fun and Ninjaesque (yes, that’s a word).

Ninja Master:  have the candidates sufficiently demonstrated their abilities and proved themselves worthy of advancing to the rank of Ninja Green belt?

*Ninja Master changes the belt to GREEN

The last belt,  is Green; it symbolizes the beginning of your path toward Eagle as a Boy Scout. As your Ninja Master changes the belt on both of you, prepare yourselves to no longer be known as a Webelos Scout, but now as a Boy Scout.

Then I have the distinct honor to say to you: You are now full-fledged Arrow of Light holders!

( Cubmaster hands the parents the Arrow of Light awards and asks them to pin them upon the boys).

Cubmaster: Next, we ask the Webelos to pin upon their mom or dad a miniature Arrow of Light.

Cubmaster: You may wear the awards on your Scout uniforms, centered below the left shirt pocket. It is a great honor for me to greet you as a recipient of the Arrow of Light award. (all leaders shake hands of recipients)

Your Den Leader will now lead you to the bridge that connects Cub Scouting with Boy Scouting.

*Walk over to bridge with the Webelos leaders and parents on one side and the Boy scout leaders on the other

As your name is called, cross over the bridge where Boy Scouts will be waiting to welcome you into their troop and present you with the handbooks and neckerchiefs you already have earned through your diligence as Webelos Scouts.

(Webelos (Julie and Sue) den leader leads scouts to bridge. As a name is called, he can shake their hand and wish them well before they cross over.)  Boy scout leaders receive the boys on the others side and apply new neckerchief.


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