Captain Jack Sparrow of Light Ceremony
Pledge of Allegiance
Den Awards?

Welcome to the vast blue seas, you scurvy-ridden sea dogs!
(start: the medallion calls )(all music from Pirates of the Carribean Soundtrack)
We be here tonight to see if (candidate’s name) is worthy of the Capt. Jack Sparrow of Light Award

There be a few tests to verify he’s ready to be a full fledged pirate! Yaarrgh!
If ye be willin’ to join with me now, show me yer true colors, don yer bandana and eyepatch, and WELCOME TO THE CARIBBEAN!!

To be a true pirate, ye first must learn a few pirate skills.
1)    First ye must look like a pirate!
2)    Second ye must talk like a pirate! (Use pirate phrase chart)
3)    Third ye must fight like a pirate! Be ye a swashbuckler?

Pirate phrases:
Ahoy, Matey!—  -- Hello friend!
Avast ye!   --check this out, or pay attention
Blow me Down!   ---Holy cow!
Shiver me Timbers!  --Wow!
Smartly  --  Quickly
Ye – --  you
Me  --  My
Landlubber  ---= one who doesn’t know how to sail
Swashbuckler  -- a rowdy boisterous swordsman

Scurvy dog
Bilge rat
If ye be a true Pirate, ye must follow this map to the treasure. But ye must complete the challenges that lay before ye! But BEWARES! There be pirates about! You never know when ye might be attacked by pirates and lose a leg, or a hand, or an eeeyyyyyyeeee! YARRGHH!!!

1)    ROPE CLIMB: (start Will & Elizabeth)
The first challenge is to get onto the ship by way of Jacob’s Ladder (must have knife in the mouth) Boy climbs rope ladder to get the Blue bandana

PIRATE ATTACK!! (Start Skull & Crossbones)
After a short fight, boy is captured and ceremoniously loses a hand, gets a hook

(Blue Represents the spirit of cub scout pirating, the spirit of giving goodwill and doing ye best. Do ye promise to be the best pirate ye can be and live the cub promise?

2)    WASH THE DECK (Start Walk the Plank At 1:00)
Until ye gain rank, ye be nothing but a bilge rat, and ye get to wash the deck!
Boy cleans a dirtied-up section of the floor, and gets the White Bandana

PIRATE ATTACK!! (Start Skull & Crossbones)
Boy is captured again, and ceremoniously loses another hand, gets another hook

White represents the Scout Law. In all you do, do you promise to be forever Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean and Reverent? (These not be very pirate traits, but alas...)

3)    FEED YE MATEYS! (Start Barbossa is Hungry)
Now ye be the ship’s cook, with two hooks as hands, ye must feed a fish to each of your mateys. BEWARES! If ye don’t feed them fast enough, they may get rowdy! Gets the yellow bandana after all are fed

PIRATE ATTACK!! (Start Skull & Crossbones)
Boy loses a leg, gets a pegleg (or some other pirate deformation)

Yellow represents the Capt Jack Sparrow of Light.  This is the symbol of the seven rays of the sun, one for each day of the week; this is to remind ye that every day is a new day : a day to Do Ye Best in everything:

A day to honor ye God and Country,
to do ye Good Turn,
a new chance to follow the Scout Law
and to remember these words: On My Honor

4)    WALK THE PLANK!! (Start Will & Elizabeth)
Boy must walk the plank with his pegleg while tentacles from the KRAKEN attempt to knock him down (boys lay on ground with heads toward the plank and wave foam noodles)  Boy gets Green bandana at the end

PIRATE ATTACK!! (Start Skull & Crossbones)
Boy is captured and humorously gets eye poked out by someone’s finger, gets eye patch

Green represents the beginning of your path to Eagle Scout, and ye must look forward to that goal as ye begin as a full fledged boy scout pirate

5)    DOUBLE HOOK  NOODLE EATING (Start One Last Shot at 0:28)
This test of skill has no real purpose, we just thought it be funny to watch ye struggle! Now eat the noodles, ye scurvy dog, before I run ye through!

Now that ye have passed ye challenges, ye have proven worthy to of the name BOY SCOUT PIRATE ! YYAAARRRGGHH!
Have all those with swords line up for a sword tunnel salute as the boy crosses the bridge to the boy scout pirate leaders
(Start “hes a pirate”)
(Play ‘Drink up me Hearties’ After closing)

List of props to bring

Eye patches, hook hands, bandanas
Big Rope
Bucket of clean water and sponge
Bucket of fairly muddy water (to be cleaned up)
Call Den Leaders to have everyone bring swords and bandanas!!
Bowl of cooked spaghetti noodles
Sound system and music
Swedish Fish
Balance Beam
Rope Ladder
Small plastic knife for holding in teeth
Colored bandanas
Jack Sparrow Costume


  1. Thank you so much! I've been trying to find a good pirate-themed AoL ceremony and this is great!

  2. This is such a genius script. Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us! This is wonderful! I hope to meet you someday

  3. What is the computer/projector needed for? It is in the list of props to bring, but I didn't see where it comes in during the script.