Thanksgiving themed Arrow of Light ceremony (Indians, Pilgrims, etc.)

   Dessert-  Cups of Crunch N Munch or Cracker Jack.

   Drinks-  Apple Cider and  Thanksgiving Decorations.

Pilgrims & Indians Arrow of Light Ceremony

Cubmaster(Dressed like an indian chief):

Gather around as I have a tale to tell.  The year is 1621.  The first Thanksgiving was a harvest festival that was celebrated by the colonists or the Pilgrims, to thank God for saving their lives and guiding them through their journey in Mayflower and the following years of draught at Plymouth. After the rain that marked the end of the draught and revived the crop of corn and other fruits, they decided to celebrate the day with their neighbors. I, Wampanoags, the chief of the Native Indians and his family. I came with all my extended family that totaled ninety people and we stayed for three days.

Colonists were, of course, in bad shape and there were only four grown up married ladies left to do all the cooking. Thus, General Bradford sent four of his soldiers to hunt for fowls, who brought such a large number with them that it could feed the whole village for a week. I, Wampanoags, also helped in getting the food supplies by giving five deer that we killed with our bows. The food that was served among other items was corn meal, wheat bread, fish, wild fowls including turkeys and pheasants, boiled vegetables and pumpkins.

Tonight we are going to have an authentic, historically accurate in most every detail (cough), re-enactment of some the activities that took place at the first Thanksgiving nearly 400 years ago.

To help us in the re-enactment, I need the help of two brave young warriors in training.  

Invite moms up to face paint boys. Give each leather or other type of head band that will hold feathers.

As you can imagine, The most important aspect of life in my day, was the ability to obtain food. In order for a warrior to obtain food, he must be skilled in many areas to properly feed the members of the tribe.  Does anyone know what weapon we used most for hunting? 

Archery Trial
Use suction cup arrows to hit a smooth surfaced target.

…You have now proved yourselves worthy to advance to the next level.

White Feather  - the white feather is the first in a series that are required to become a true hunter and gatherer.  White is to remind you of the lessons you have learned as a young cub scout.

Rain Dance
Scouts are blindfolded and told to do a rain dance. Immediately after blindfolding, hand out squirt bottles to helper scouts. After a minute of the rain dancing, have scouts start squirting the boys.

Blue Feather

Blue represents the spirit of Cub Scouting : the spirit of giving goodwill and doing your best. Do you promise to fulfill the Cub Scout Promise and the Cub Scout motto, Do Your Best, when you receive the Arrow of Light badge?

Dinner Prep

A good hunter and gatherer must also be a good preparer.  He must be teachable and be able to follow instructions for a meal to turn out right.

Put on gloves (because its November and it darn cold outside)
Shuck Corn
Follow verbal recipes:

Make Pumpkin Pie
Have precut pumkin pieces, very large, in a bowl, have scouts add cinnamon, sugar, and mix it up. Insert into oven. (the oven is a large cardboard box with a door on the front and back. As the ingredients go in, have someone secretly open the back and replace it with a store bought pumkin pie.

Make Bread
Add flour, yeast, water, and salt, and mix in a bowl. Put in the oven. Have someone secretly swap for a bag of rolls (the more store bought it looks, the funnier it is)

You are now ready to advance to the next level of training.

Yellow Feather

The third color is yellow, and it stands for the Arrow of Light.  The arrows shaft is straight and narrow : just as is the path that you Scouts should follow throughout your life. Its tip points the way : the way to success in all that you do. It is pointing to the right : a symbol that nothing should be left undone; if it is within your power to do it, see that it is done. And lastly, this is the symbol of the seven rays of the sun, one for each day of the week; this is to remind you that every day is a new day : a day to Do Your Best in everything:

A day to honor your God and Country,
to do your Good Turn,
a new chance to follow the Scout Law
and to remember these words: On My Honor

*Candidates:  Do you promise to let its light shine forth from you, to set an example for others to follow in your footsteps, to set your eye on the Eagle Scout award and never waiver?

Catch the Turkey-  Benny Hill
Shoot it first?  Then chase after it.

Put a shoebox over a remote control car, and attach one of those expandable paper turkeys to the top. Start the Benny Hill music and have the scouts shoot it as you drive it around, after a while, just have them go catch it.

Green  Feather

The last feather,  is Green; it symbolizes the beginning of your path toward Eagle as a Boy Scout. As your final feather is placed on your headband, prepare yourselves to no longer be known as a Webelos Scout, but now as a Boy Scout.

Then I have the distinct honor to say to you: You are now full-fledged Arrow of Light holders!

( Cubmaster hands the parents the Arrow of Light awards and asks them to pin them upon the boys).

Cubmaster: Next, we ask the Webelos to pin upon their mom or dad a miniature Arrow of Light.

Cubmaster: You may wear the awards on your Scout uniforms, centered below the left shirt pocket. It is a great honor for me to greet you as a recipient of the Arrow of Light award. (all leaders shake hands of recipients)

Your Den Leader will now lead you to the bridge that connects Cub Scouting with Boy Scouting.

*Walk over to bridge with the Webelos leaders and parents on one side and the Boy scout leaders on the other

As your name is called, cross over the bridge where Boy Scouts will be waiting to welcome you into their troop and present you with the handbooks and neckerchiefs you already have earned through your diligence as Webelos Scouts.

(Webelos  den leader leads scouts to bridge. As a name is called, he can shake their hand and wish them well before they cross over.)  Boy scout leaders receive the boys on the others side and apply new neckerchief.

                  FEED YE MATEYS! (Start Barbossa is Hungry)
Now ye be the ship’s cook, with two hooks as hands, ye must feed a fish to each of your mateys. BEWARES! If ye don’t feed them fast enough, they may get rowdy! Gets the yellow bandana after all are fed

PIRATE ATTACK!! (Start Skull & Crossbones)
Boy loses a leg, gets a pegleg (or some other pirate deformation)

Yellow represents the Capt Jack Sparrow of Light.  This is the symbol of the seven rays of the sun, one for each day of the week; this is to remind ye that every day is a new day : a day to Do Ye Best in everything:

A day to honor ye God and Country,
to do ye Good Turn,
a new chance to follow the Scout Law
and to remember these words: On My Honor

            WALK THE PLANK!! (Start Will & Elizabeth)
Boy must walk the plank with his pegleg while tentacles from the KRAKEN attempt to knock him down (boys lay on ground with heads toward the plank and wave foam noodles)  Boy gets Green bandana at the end

PIRATE ATTACK!! (Start Skull & Crossbones)
Boy is captured and humorously gets eye poked out by someone’s finger, gets eye patch

Green represents the beginning of your path to Eagle Scout, and ye must look forward to that goal as ye begin as a full fledged boy scout pirate

DOUBLE HOOK  NOODLE EATING (Start One Last Shot at 0:28)
This test of skill has no real purpose, we just thought it be funny to watch ye struggle! Now eat the noodles, ye scurvy dog, before I run ye through!

Now that ye have passed ye challenges, ye have proven worthy to of the name BOY SCOUT PIRATE ! YYAAARRRGGHH!
Have all those with swords line up for a sword tunnel salute as the boy crosses the bridge to the boy scout pirate leaders

(Start “hes a pirate”)
(Play ‘Drink up me Hearties’ After closing)

List of props to bring
Eye patches, hook hands, bandanas
Big Rope
Bucket of clean water and sponge
Bucket of fairly muddy water (to be cleaned up)
Call Den Leaders to have everyone bring swords and bandanas!!
Bowl of cooked spaghetti noodles
Sound system and music
Swedish Fish
Balance Beam
Rope Ladder
Small plastic knife for holding in teeth
Colored bandanas
Jack Sparrow Costume

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