(Start Intro Music, fairly loud—track #1)

“A long time ago….well, okay, maybe not THAT long ago…In a galaxy far, far away. Okay, truth be told…it was actually TWO DAYS BEFORE THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW! (pause for confused chuckling) and it wasn’t that far away. It was actually very close…. Perhaps even…. Right here…hmm? (raise one eybrow)

It is a period of civil unrest and the battle between BAD and GOOD is more fierce than ever. Goodness’s good will be its triumph and badness’s bad will be its downfall! Good is good! And Bad is BAD! Good-bad…bad-good! Bad-bad-good-good-bad…..good….bad……..good.

As candidates for graduation from the Jedi Academy Arrow of Light-Saber, you must join in this fight and choose which side you will serve: The Good, or the Bad
[invite candidates up for initiation]

First Challenge:  Jedi Costumes
You must figure out how to put on your Jedi costume! (in Yoda voice: “not as easy as it looks is it. Hmm? Yes?)

Second Challenge:  Obtain Light–sabers from Cantina bar-keep

Invite as many helpers as you have recorders to be the band off to the side
(Track #2, Cantina Music) When helpers are ready to play
Bar is made of just a table and some drinks.

While drinking and talking, strangers walk in
Arm Guy:“my friend doesn’t like you!
Obi-Wan: “sorry”
Arm Guy: “I don’t like you either! You just watch yourself! I have the death sentence on 12 systems!”
Obi Wan: “We’ll be careful”
Arm Guy: “YOU’LL BE DEAD!”
(Arm guy attacks, ObiWan cuts off  his arm with a light saber (Arm guy has a fake monster arm that can be detached and thrown, Silly string squirts like blood)
Bar-keep then hands over the light sabers
Third Challenge: Trash compactor- find laser guns

(Track  #3 YouTube of compactor scene
The garbage masher is made of two sheets of 4x8 cardboard, with3 or 4 boys on each side. The laser guns are hidden among paper and plastic garbage piled deep. Tell the boys to move in SLOWLY, as they will want to smash the candidate scouts as soon as possible. J
Each Padowan Learner must find a hidden laser gun
Fourth Challenge: Light-Saber training

(track # 4)battle of yavin
Light saber academy by someone who knows swordplay
Blindfold and throw nerf balls while they try to “use the force”

Fifth Challenge:  Master the Use of the Force

(track #5) medley
Lift the star fighter from the Bog of Fogginess

On a table, place a large bowl or bin with hot water and dry ice to make the fog effect. Place a toy Star Wars aircraft (like an X-wing or Millennium Falcon, or Tie Fighter) in the bowl. Attach fishing line to the aircraft then thread it straight up and over something and off to the side out of view, where someone can pull on the fishing pole and cause the aircraft to lift while the scouts ‘use the force’. From the audience, this has a very funny visual effect.
(All boys must work together, because of the sheer weight of the aircraft!)

Sixth Challenge: Face Darth Vader (X2)

 (track #6 Imperial Assault)
Have as many people as you can find Darth Vader costumes for, even if it’s just a mask, come out to fight the Jedi. Give them instructions to put up a bit of resistance, then go down dramatically.

Advancement Ceremony

Track #7   The throne room
Present scouts with the Arrow of Light-Saber award and send them ‘over the bridge’ to be welcomed by the Boy Scout leaders and troop.

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  1. My pack and I did this last night. We usually did a big production, but this just upped the anti! It was so much fun and we all nearly died laughing. Thank you for sharing this with us at Pow Wow! We look forward to many more great Arrow of Light ceremonies.

    I asked the cubs who had not received theirs yet if they wanted to earn their Arrow of Light. We had every hand up in the air. We are all jazzed!